Saturday, July 18, 2009

Monday Morning Crew Chief Rating System

A look at the rating system from Monday Morning Crew Chief:

1 Star * = Awful race. Debris cautions every twenty laps. The top 5 remains the same basically throughout the race. And to top things off, caution comes out during the green-white-checkered finish causing the race to finish under yellow.

2 Stars ** = Pretty boring race. I find myself surfing the television guide looking for something entertaining. The race ends with the same driver winning by nearly 4 seconds. No side-by-side racing and cautions galore.

3 Stars *** = OK race. Race seems pretty long. The last 30-40 laps drag out like Tony LaRussa and his pitching changes. Debris caution to kill the final run that is coming down to fuel mileage and causing all strategy to be thrown out the window.

4 Stars **** = Fairly exciting race. Strategy is involved at the end, either with how many tires to take or fuel mileage. Throughout the race there are comers and goers so that a different mix of drivers populates the top 5 throughout the race. Maybe an unexpected run by someone other than the usual suspects.

5 Stars ***** = Terrific race. One of those that leaves you with your heart pounding and probably standing up in you living room. One that will cause you to search out any post-race coverage possible to be able to relive what had just taken place. Either the racing was intense throughout the race, or the finish comes down to drivers beating on each other all the way to the line.

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