Saturday, May 19, 2012

Monday Morning Crew Chief Picks: All-Star Weekend

Monday Morning Crew Chief Picks:  All-Star Weekend

Jacob: Showdown - Martin Truex Jr. will finally win something, even if it is just a heat race.
Fan Pick - Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn't good enough to race his way in, but the fans will vote him in anyway. The biggest upset of the year would be if someone else wins the fan vote.
All-Star - Although Kasey Kahne got off to a horrible start this season and wrecked his car in qualifying, he will come from the back to win his second career All-Star Race and bring that team much-needed confidence to begin their march back to being a Chase contender.

Patricia (Monday Morning Driver): Showdown - I pick Martin Truex Jr. to win the Sprint Showdown race. His cars have been fast and he will be driving the wheels off the NAPA Toyota to get a chance to be in the All-Star race.
Fan Pick - The fan favorite will be who else, Dale Earnhardt. Jr. He wins every fan vote.
All-Star - My pick to win the All-Star race is Kevin Harvick. This is the kind of race that plays in to Harvick's style of driving. No points racing, just drive straight to the front any way you can get there.

Terrence: Showdown - How about AJ Allmendinger for the win? The Dinger has looked solid at Charlotte in the past and tonight will be no different.
Fan Pick - I'm going with the Mayor, Jeff Burton, to win the fan vote. Junior may have the outright vote, but he will be in one of the two transfer spots, letting Burton get in on the fan vote.
All-Star - I think Kyle Busch will run away with the win tonight. He's been solid so far and no reason to believe he won't put it all on the line for the win tonight.

Note: A correct fan pick is worth -3 points on the season.

1. Jacob, 46
2. Patricia, 102
3. Terrence, 126

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