Saturday, April 28, 2012

Monday Morning Crew Chief Picks:  Richmond

Jacob: Another short track, another good run for Jeff Burton. Burton hasn’t been spectacular by any means and currently sits 17th in the points standings. But, he finished sixth at Bristol and ran third in Denny Hamlin’s event Thursday. Plus, Burton is a Virginia native who, like Denny Hamlin, always puts in extra effort to win at his home track.

Patricia (Monday Morning Driver): When I think "short track", I think Kevin Harvick and that is who I pick to win in Richmond on Saturday night. Harvick dominated the race here in the fall by leading over half the laps and coming away with the win. I'm hoping for a repeat performance.

Terrence: It's Richmond and I have to start making up ground, now. After Mark Martin blew an engine last week I'm 75 points behind the leader...OUCH. I'm going to go with the guy who has back-to-back top ten finishes for the first time this season and got his first career victory at Richmond. Kasey Kahne will get the job done tonight.

1. Jacob, 44
2. Patricia, 67
3. Terrence, 119

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