Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monday Morning Crew Chief Picks: Kansas

Monday Morning Crew Chief Picks:  Kansas

Jacob: Jimmie Johnson is on a roll right now, and it is just a matter of time before he gets his first win of the season. He has led laps in five of the last six races, and this week he will finally lead the final lap to get owner Rick Hendrick his 200th victory.
Patricia (Monday Morning Driver): This is the week that Hendrick Motorsports gets their 200th win and Jimmie Johnson is the one to bring it home. He has 5 top tens in the last 5 races in Kansas and 2 of those were wins. Get those celebratory hats ready, Mr Hendrick, they'll be used this weekend!

Terrence: Well I was going to go with Jimmie Johnson, but since the other two did so, I guess I better pick someone else. How about a driver who's never too old to win a race. I'm going with none other than Mark Martin to get the win in his part-time ride. What a story that would be.

1. Jacob, 41
2. Patricia, 63
3. Terrence, 86

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